• Pumpkin Pecan Tarts

    All the incredible yummy-ness of pumpkins and pecans but without the calories and without the work. The secret? Use wonton wrappers for a light and crispy crust. The Plaza North Weight Watchers is located at 279B N. McDowell Boulevard (between Kmart and CVS). Phone: (800) 516-3535

  • What You Need to Know about Multi-Vitamins

    We take vitamins for our health, right? We hope so! However even vitamins can have their dark side. In this video, find out what you should look for (and avoid) in your multivitamins. More questions about your medications, vitamins, and supplements? Stop by the pharmacy at CVS. They are always willing to help. The Plaza
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  • November Food Drives in Petaluma

    We are entering the Season of Giving and that includes helping those less fortunate than we are. Luckily, Petaluma is one heckuva generous town and there are plenty of local opportunities to help those in need. There are at least three local organizations gathering food for the Thanksgiving holiday. Here is how you can help:
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  • Happy Halloween!

    It’s never to late to get into the fun! We still have candy and some decorations and even costumes at Kmart and CVS. However, if you are just looking for a cozy Halloween evening at home…here are some videos to help you pass the time and get you in the mood! Scary Sounds Video How
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  • The Bill Soberanes Halloween Festival

    Join us for the annual Bill Soberanes Halloween Festival and Trick or Treating with the merchants. Lots of kids, candy, costumes and fun! Follow the balloon trail for your treats. Free of charge, rain or shine. Saturday, October 29, 11am-1pm Here’s a peek at a previous festival. We have fun!

  • Food Storage Organizing Tips with Rubbermaid

    Are your cabinets scarier than Halloween? Do you end up buying the same things over and over again because you can’t find anything when you need it? Do you worry about ants, moths, and worse getting into your food? Smart organizing and foolproof storage solutions can make everything better.  Containers can be used to seal
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  • Classic Car Show and Sidewalk Sale

    The 3rd Annual “Classic Car Show for a Cure” is on Saturday September 24th at the Plaza North Shopping Center in Petaluma (near KMART) from 10:00am-3:00pm. This is Adobe House’s showcase event of the year as they raise monies for the Alzheimer’s Association Walk which is happening on Saturday October 15th in Petaluma. Adobe House
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