Fru-Ta Artisan Ice Cream

(707) 773-1233
279 North Mcdowell Blvd. Suite A
Petaluma, CA 94954

Fru-ta is an Artisan and Natural Ice Cream Shop which offers artisan ice cream with original recipes.

We have over 30 original flavors such as avocado, cheese and coconut, all made with the best quality fruit and original traditional family recipes. Our ice cream/fruit bars are made with the best quality fruit and are 100 % natural. O

ur most popular one mixes sweet and sour flavors such as pico de gallo (cucumber, jicama, orange juice, salt and chilli powder). You can taste the quality of the fruit in every single bite.

We thrive to produce a unique product and create new trends in flavors that bring tradition in a very natural and healthy way.