Rob, Carl and Chester

Gold N Time Jewelers Owner Rob Chase and Carl and Chester from OADS admire the newly painted Sale sign in front of the store.

A few days before Christmas, we were strolling around The Plaza North with the camera, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the pre-holiday excitement.

We were walking between Kmart and CVS and came upon two artists finishing up the “Sale” sign in front of Gold N Time Jewelers. As it turns out, Gold N Time Jeweler owner Rob Chase had commissioned Carl and Chester to come up with a window painting design to advertise his pre-Christmas sale. Carl and Chester are clients of OADS, Old Adobe Developmental Services, and I think we can agree that they did a fantastic job, plus earning some money for OADS through Rob’s donation.

Rob and Captain Scott

Rob and Captain Scott from the Salvation Army, Petaluma Corps

While we were standing there chatting, Captain Scott Schneider of the Salvation Army Petaluma Corps stopped by to pick up a donation from Rob for the Christmas meal program that the Salvation Army runs. Rob mentioned that just the day before, he and his wife had purchased and delivered Christmas presents for the women and children in the local battered women’s shelter.

We talk a lot about why people should shop Petaluma. There is talk about supporting local sales taxes, about creating local employment and even about our carbon footprint and the effect on the environment when we drive our cars.

Here is another reason, amply illustrated by Gold N Time Jewelers. Local store owners, employees and shoppers are very generous in this town to those in need.

During this Christmas season, The Plaza North hosted the Salvation Army Bell Ringers, the Boy Scout Christmas Tree Lot and the Highway Patrol Toy Drive and Car Seat Event. Our merchants and their employees have hosted food drives, clothing and housewares drives, cancer prevention cut-a-thons and walk-a-thons, and many, many more amazing and wonderful events that support those in need.  And our merchants and employees do this year-round.

A lot of great things can happen when you shop Petaluma!